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      Staged combustion technology:the staged feeding of combustion-supporting air reduces formation of NOx during fuel combustion in the precalciner,and the NOx from the kiln will be deoxygenized through combustion control,so as to achieve the reduction of NOx in the system. The reduction ratio of NOx can reach up to 30%.

      Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) is flue gas denitrification tech-nology, which is to mix ammonia orurea and other amino substances with flue gas under certain conditions, and nitrogen oxides are reduced to non-toxic nitrogen and water without using a catalyst to achieve the purpose of reducing NOx emission of the system. The reduction ratio of nitrogen oxides can reach 60~90%.

      Low-temperature SCR denitration catalyst technology:the reducing agent (ammonia)is evenly put into the fluegas at a temperature of 320-420℃,and under the action of the catalyst (rare earth catalyst or vanadium-titanium cat-alyst)the NOx in the flue gas selectively undergoes redox reaction with am-monia to finally generate N2 and H2O,thereby removing NOx.The denitra-tion efficiency of this technology can reach more than 80%, and the emission concentration is less than 100mg/m3.

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