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      Bag houses utilize fabric filter bags or pleated filters arranged in rows and mounted vertically in a sheet metal housing. They are designed to receive dusty gas from fugitive or process sources, capture the particulates, and exhaust clean air. Typically via an induced draft blower, the dusty gas stream is drawn into the bag house through a duct system. The gas stream then passes through the filters while particles remain on the filter media surface, thus separating the particulates from the air. Over time, as the dust begins to build up and form a filter cake on the filter surface, various cleaning systems are used to remove the dust from the filters.

      iMega provides plenty type of jet pulse bag houses, suitable for different location in industry, such as cement plant, power plant, metallurgy plant, wood factory, etc. Our bag house and filter bags are considered as high quality, longer life time, and lower investment.

      +86 21 6768 0398
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