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      Jaw crusher is long period used crushing equipment. Due to its simple structure, durable and reliable, easy maintenance and low investment, the jaw crusher is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical, construction, cement, power, traffic, etc. It is suitable for the material which has anti-pressure ability 150-250 MPa. It fits for coarse, medium, fine crushing for all type of rocks and stones.

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      • The ME type jaw crusher is to crush material by driven squeezing the big material into small pieces. Once the motor drives the belt and wheel, the eccentric shaft drives the moving jaw plate up and down. The space between the moving jaw plate and static plate becomes small when the jaw plate goes up and the materials in between will be squeezed. When the moving jaw plate goes down and leaves the static plate, the space becomes big and squeezed material drop down to the outlet gate. The cycle is keep processing which allows frequent production.

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