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      iMega has independently researched and developed VRMs of raw meal, cement and slag based on different characteristics of raw meal, cement and slag. The VRM series is on the foundation of successfully bringing in and applying advanced international technology and practical experience about dozens of cement production lines. Under the guidance of R&D mode in terms of design, application and optimization, our VRM is able to meet specifications of capacity and energy consumption with advantages of stable operation, high efficiency, energy saving, low maintenance cost, etc.

      Followings are unique features of the VRMs:

      1. The VRM is applying combined table with two parts, which ensures table casting quality and is convenient for transport and installation.

      2. Roller with adjustable mechanical limit device ensures no direct contact between roller and table which improves equipment reliability.

      3. The design of four rollers sharing pressure ensures stable operation and little vibration. By adjusting and setting hydraulic device, pre-pressing rollers and final-pressing rollers can be used in turn, thus increasing mill operation time; four rollers also can work simultaneously, consequently improving mill capacity.

      4. Localization of whole set of mil parts overcomes the bottle neck of imported key part greatly shortens the procurement cycle and reduces maintenance cost.

      5. Slag VRM and raw meal VRM do not need water spraying system; cement VHM only needs little water spraying under certain condition.

      +86 21 6768 0398
      • RAW MEAL VRM
      • CEMENT VRM
      • SLAG VRM
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