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      The clinker cooler, also known as grate cooler or cement cooler, it is a necessary equipment of cement clinker production. The clinker cooler is mainly used to cool and transport the cement clinker. At the same time, cement cooler also provide hot-air for rotary kiln and calciner, it is the main equipment of heat recovery for burning system.

      The Grate cooler is a quench cooler. After the clinker enters the cooling machine from the kiln, a layer of a certain thickness is laid on the slab, and the blasted cold air is quenched in the direction perpendicular to each other through the layer of the moving material on the boring machine to allow the clinker to be quenched. The clinker is quenched from 1300-1400 ° C to below 100 ° C in a few minutes.

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      • 1. No material leakage since design does not use chain or airlock;    

        2. 5cm dead material above the grate protect the grate bed from heat impact and wear; 

        3. The to and fro moving of grate board not only has high transportation rate, but also can realize the mix of materials, largely improved cooling rate; 

        4. The change of seal strip and minor axis of wear parts is simple.  



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