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      About US

      IMEGA is the integrated engineering and manufacturing company with rich experience in cement industry & mining industry. Our headquarter locates in Shanghai, and manufactures based in Pingdingshan city, plant cover about 20,000 m2 with workshop area about 5,000 m2, annual capacity about 6,000 tons; and another plant covers an area about 158,000 m2, with workshop about 100,000 m2, annual capacity about 20,000 tons.

      We are specialized in research and development of new technology and equipment for mining and cement production, providing engineering design, technical service, construction supervision, complete equipment for production processing, and existing line upgrade, etc.

      Environment friendly and sustainable development are always IMEGA’s pursuit during working. By providing various type of technology and equipment for dust control, desulfurization & denitrification, carbon dioxide capture & solidification, hydrogen extraction and fuel replacement, IMEGA is targeting the world wide vision of CO2 ZERO emission 2040.

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